… The LCCT

The Lake City Community Theatre was formed in 1989, for the
expressed purpose of providing and exposing the Lake City area
to the magic of performing arts. This community and area has
been blessed through the years with the development of many
talented citizens, especially in the area of performing music.
Much of this development can be attributed to strong music
programs in the area churches and schools. The Theatre was
proposed as an exciting way to showcase this talent to the
community at large and in the process promote performing arts
as a vital part of a communitys quality of life.
A group of dedicated individuals, led by Mrs. Susie Hyman,
began the process in early 1989. An organizational structure
was established, the initial show The Music Man was selected,
and a director, Mr. Glen Gourley of Francis Marion University,
was recruited to lead this process forward. The initial
schedule, which has varied through the ensuing years, was to
present a large-cast musical show in the fall of each year,
followed by a smaller cast show in the early spring.
From a large, wide-eyed initial cast of local performers,
the Theatre has progressed to this day. With the cooperation
from Florence County District Three, The Theatres venue, the
Blanding Street Auditorium, has gradually been transformed from an outdated elementary school auditorium to a facility very
well- suited to the staging of sophisticated Broadway Theater
shows. With the Theatre being a major financial contributor, as
well as assistance from Florence County funds, the school
district replaced the old, out-dated seating with comfortable,
cushioned seats. This is only a portion of the on-going
upgrades and improvements to this beautiful old building.
In the ensuing years since its inception, the Theatre, has
produced a wide range of magical, large scale musical shows to
small comedies. The community has overwhelmingly supported
these efforts. Local businesses and individuals have generously
supported the funding and underwriting of yearly productions.
Grants and awards from other sources have also served to
support the Theatres financial needs. The Theatre has become a
vital part of the cultural fabric of the area. Former cast
members number in the hundreds and hail from all segments of
our community. The cast participation has extended to include
the entire Florence County area, as well as Williamsburg
and Clarendon counties. Our shows have become much anticipated cultural events throughout the area and state.
The Lake City Community Theatre, Inc. is a tax-exempt
organization. It is directed by a 12 member board of directors
elected from the local area. All funding is provided through
contributions, grants, and ticket sales.

Past Presidents:

Kim Turbeville – 1989 – 2000
John Coleman – 2000- 2008
Reveley Thomy – 2008 – 2010, 2012 – 2014, 2017
Kevin Buchanan – 2010 – 2012, 2014 – 2016
Faith Godwin – 2018 – 2019

Founded 1989